Hope for Tomorrow's Generation

During January 2017 Rev’d Peter and Caroline had the wonderful opportunity to go and visit Romania. We spent a week staying with the local Baptist minister Andréi in the South East part of Romania in the City of Calarasi along with Becky, Caroline’s eldest daughter. Particularly we had gone out to see the work of a new charity called Hope for Tomorrow’s Generation, which is located in Calarasi (Population 70,000) founded a year ago by Mihai and Adrianna Dumitrescu. 

The Vision for this Charity is to: - assist and empower some of the poorest young people in one of the neediest parts of the country. - To model creative forms of support that releases people from dependency - Share the Good News of Jesus, giving fresh hope to a new generation - Provide holistic care to some of the most vulnerable young people. 
We welcomed Mihai to Blackpool in July 2017 and held an afternoon finding out more about the charity.

If you would like to make a donation to this charity please give via St Mark’s Church Layton. If you would like to do a regular standing order then please see Rev’d Peter for the details. 


A Time of Blessings and Trials

As a ministry we had a blessed springtime and early summer. However, for our family it was not an easy time at all, but by God’s grace and all the prayers we managed to stand up and continue the good fight in blessing and in trial.

We were very encouraged that eleven of the children that are part of our Bible club were able to take part in a Bible contest.Every time they got to be on the podium, and they were able to learn more from the Bible and take part in a little competition too,which can be fun in good ways sometimes.

Some of the boys who are part of the teenager’s group were part of two soccer competitions.In one of the competitions they won, and a second team from the same group came third place.

In the middle of June ten children who were part of the First School Bag project graduated from school well. They are ready to continue for one more year and many more years after with the hope that education will help them to have a better future.

The summer camp was also a very blessed time and because of your help we were able to have eighteen children, that is even more than last year. It was a blessed time with a lot of fun and good teaching. A huge thank you to everyone who helped sponsor the children to go.

All this happened even though as a family we went through one of the hardest times we have hadin the last three years. Adriana was six weeks pregnant and very sadly, because of medical problems, she lost the baby.

We know that God has a plan with everything and even if it is hard to understand sometimes we continue looking to Him and trusting Him in everything.

Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Please continue to partner with us in what God is doing in Modelu, Calarasi, Romania.

Blessings as always,